Parent School Association (PSA)


The Parent School Association (PSA) works with the school and families to create a positive environment and experience for the community.  The PSA hosts both social and fundraising events throughout the year.  The money raised from the fundraisers is used on things that directly benefit the school.

PSA funds are used to host various social events and provide materials for the classrooms and the school.  A few examples of items purchased by the PSA include the playground equipment, lunchroom tables, computers, printers, music instruments, and physical education equipment.

The PSA is directed by a five member Board.   The Board sets the calendar of events each school year.  The Board meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month, 6:30 P.M. in the Teacher's Lounge.   Please consult the school calendar for dates.   Every parent is a member of the PSA and is welcome to attend.

Anyone interested in becoming more involved or volunteering for a PSA event should email or complete the form below. 

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PSA Board Members:

Dawn Bradford
Rosemary Baroud
Katy Franz
Mary Mayer