Extracurricular Eligibility Policy


To:  St. Alphonsus School Parents, 4th - 8th Grade

From:  St. Alphonsus School Advisory Council

Re:  Extracurricular Eligibility

Participation in extracurricular activities at St. Alphonsus School is a privilege afforded to all interested students. These activities are regarded as a privilege as they often involve extraordinary time commitments from staff, parent volunteers and students. As a result, there are certain expectations of St. Alphonsus students wishing to participate.

The St. Alphonsus School Advisory Council recently created a comprehensive Extracurricular Eligibility policy (below) to help students and parents understand the guidelines for participation. This policy is in keeping with our Catholic mission and the guidelines set forth by the Archdiocese Office of Catholic Schools.

We hope you and your family will view this policy as a positive step towards reinforcing our commitment to the personal development of our student population.


I have read St. Alphonsus Liguori School Board Policy #8 and accept the terms set forth in this policy.

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Policy #8 Extracurricular Eligibility

Extracurricular participation for St. Alphonsus students is a privilege and requires the adherence to academic and behavioral expectations.

Academic Eligibility: Any student participating in extracurricular activities who earns an unacceptable grade average in one or more core subjects (achievement below 77% and/or an unacceptable level of effort) is considered to be ineligible for school extracurricular activities. The school administration reserves the right to determine the student's eligibility. Core academic subjects include: religion, reading/literature, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and spanish. Students may also become ineligible as a consequence of school disciplinary violations as defined below under behavioral Ineligibility .

If a student becomes ineligible during the trimester, he or she may not participate in extracurricular activities such as practices, games, etc. for a period of at least ten (10) school days. The period of probation shall continue until the student seeks reinstatement.

Behavioral Ineligibility: Any student participating in extracurricular activities will be considered ineligible based upon the following criteria:

• 1st Behavioral Detention within a trimester = suspension for next scheduled event.

• 2nd Behavioral Detention within a trimester = suspension from team or activity for one (1) week.

• 3rd Behavioral Detention within a trimester = removal from the team/activity for the rest of the season.

When a behavioral detention is issued, the School Office will email the name(s) of the students to the Principal, School Advisory Council Chairman and the Athletic Director. If applicable, the Athletic Director will then notify the coach, while the Principal or Office Staff notify the family.

Absence on the day of a game, practice or other Extracurricular Event: A student who is absent a full day or half day is ineligible to participate in any game, practice session or other event on that day.

Approved: October 17, 2006

Effective: Monday, November 27, 2006