Mrs. Toni Pepping, Librarian


Reading is an adventure!

Welcome to the Saint Alphonsus Library!  We love voracious readers!

Dear Parents,

My name is Toni Pepping and I am the new school librarian for St. Alphonsus.  It is an honor to be of service to the children, and thus their parents!  I felt I wished to introduce myself and also let you know how the library time for your child’s class will be organized and how parents can best support the process.

When is Library Day?

Library day is always on each Friday.  The book your child takes out on Friday is due the following Friday.  They may renew their book of course.  I have found that grades 3 and 4 many times will take out a chapter book that takes longer to finish.  However, I would appreciate it if the student still brings it in so that I can note that and so your child can have some library time to keep reading it.

What About Books Not Returned?

As a guideline, a child who does not return a book may not take out another until the first book is returned and checked in.  A child can always take a book to look at it during library time if they have not returned their book – they just cannot check it out and bring it home until the other one is returned.   If a book is lost just let me know so that I can explore what the cost is to replace it.  Sometimes it takes a while to find the book!  Our lives are so busy!  If a book is not returned, I will send a gentle reminder note home. 

Grades Visiting the Library

Preschool through Grade 4 students will have library class each Friday.  I am only at the school on Fridays. 

God bless you as you support our library and the richness of life and education we all find in reading a good book!


Toni Pepping