Hello All,
I'd like to say a big welcome to the our newest beginning class of band members!  Welcome aboard, and I know we're going to have a great year of musical growth ahead.  Welcome to our band family!!

If you have decided not to enroll your child in the band program, please just let me know and I will be happy to take you off my list for email.
I have attached a schedule so that your musician knows when to come to the band room for his/her lesson.  For the beginners, we're still settling in.  So, I have simply indicated what time different instrument groupings are coming to see me.  Eventually we will have a long range schedule with everyone's name on it.  I will help on this first lesson day with traffic control of who is coming when. After while, the kids will get accustomed to how our schedule works and they'll be able to handle it themselves.  Please do send your musician with his/her instrument and all supplies to school tomorrow.  Stands can stay at home.
Schedule for Thursday, Sept. 12:
7:00 am - Senior Band Rehearsal (This does not include our new beginners.  Only come if you played with me in band last year.)

During the Day - Lessons as scheduled (see attachment)
Notable Notes:
1.  Senior Band Before School Rehearsals begin tomorrow morning (again, this does not include our beginners) Thursday, Sept. 12, @ 7:00 am.  Please be sure to arrive a few minutes early to allow for instrument/music set up and a prompt 7:00 am start.
2.  Senior Band Families, I will be sending Band Tuition/Registration Packets home with your musician soon.  Please be on the watch for those. 

Thanks so much and here's to merry music making!!!
Jesica Woody
Band Director, SAS


My Name is Jesica Woody and I am excited to introduce myself as your new Band Director!  I am looking forward to continuing the tradition of a strong band/music program at St. Alphonsus School.  I am happy to share the following information about our plans for the program.

Who Can Sign Up for Band:  Any student who will be in the 4th-8th Grade during the 2018-19 school year.

Joining band is a three step process. 

§  Step1:  Students will come to a demonstration day to see and hear the various instruments that they can start on in band – flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone & percussion. 

 §  Step 2:  Students will be fitted (try out instruments) for an instrument that suits their physical characteristics. 

 §  Step 3:  Parents will come to a band sign up night to register their child for band/rent an instrument.

Where/When:  Lessons will be held at St. Alphonsus School once per week on Thursdays.  Students will be scheduled into small groups for lessons on like instruments.   Band lessons are a pull out program.  They are approximately 30 minutes and are scheduled on a rotational basis so that students are not pulled out of the same part of class more than every 5-8 weeks.  Additionally, full band rehearsals for returning students will be added before school (on Thursdays) for roughly 45 minutes before the bell rings.  Beginners will meet for about 40 minutes for full group rehearsals (on Thursdays) after school.  Full group practices will begin after we have a number of weeks of small group lessons under our belts.  A reminder will be sent home to let you know when those full group practices begin.

Fees:    Tuition for band is $50.00/month.  For beginning students, I do ask for a four month commitment.  This will give your musician several months (Sept.-Dec.) to experience lessons, rehearsals as well as a Christmas Concert.  Students benefit from a short term commitment so they can experience the full cycle of band before making any decisions on further instruction.  In January, if you wish to continue, you would go on a month-to-month basis and the payments would be $50.00/month. 

Annual (once per year) Activity Fee:  $55.00 - There is no Band budget at St. Alphonsus. Rather than doing various fund-raising activities we will ask families for an annual Band Activity Fee to cover general expenses (band music, contest fees, solos, school inst. maintenance, minor supplies, etc.). 

 Getting an Instrument:  If you need to obtain an instrument I recommend Quinlan & Fabish Music Co.   They are a reputable company that rents/sells high quality student instruments that stand up to student use.  They offer a rent- to- own program at very reasonable, competitive rates.   A feature of their rental program that I really like is the maintenance/replacement coverage as it protects against theft, loss, and damage.   Also if your instrument would ever need repair or adjustment, there is a representative from the company that would visit us weekly and take instruments in that might need servicing.  Additionally, he would bring out a loaner instrument for your child to use in the event it does need to go into the shop.   I recommend and have used Quinlan & Fabish as my instrumental rental company for over 20 years and have grown to trust them because I know they are honest and do right by the families that I work with.  

For your convenience, Quinlan & Fabish will be at the band sign up night at school.  At the sign up night you can speak with me, get more information, rent an instrument and get any supplies you might need for start-up.

 Performance Commitments:  We will have three main performance goals for band during the year.  The first is our Christmas Concert in December.  The Second is a Solo Festival in March or April & third, our Spring Concert in May.  Additionally, I like to bring in other experienced band directors to do clinics with our students.  It is beneficial for students to hear and get input from other master teachers in our area as a part of their musical education.   Dates of our events our yet to be determined, but I will get those to you as soon as possible.

I hope you will consider this valuable opportunity for your child.  I am excited about of fostering a strong instrumental music program at St. Alphonsus School.  Thank you for considering music education as an important part of your child’s overall education!