Third Grade Curriculum

Room 110 - Ms. Nicole Wnek

Homework from Friday, December 15, 2017:

Religion- Study ch. 7 (Test 12/18)

Reading- Read I.R (book report to be explained 12/21) (Novel Test 12/20)

LA- None

Vocab.-  Finish wksts; Study (Mr. Popper's Penguins vocabulary test (12/20)

Math-  None (Test 12/19)

Science- Finish visual by Tuesday (may bring in finished pieces to tape/glue on in the morning)

Social Studies- Finish province research


The title of our third grade religion book is Alive in Christ. We will discuss and learn about the seven essential, eternal truths of the faith- Revelation, Trinity, Jesus, The Church, Sacraments, Morality, and Kingdom of God.  All-school liturgy is celebrated on Friday mornings.

A literature-based program is used which exposes students to excellent and authentic children’s literature. This literature experience adds to each student’s background and knowledge of the world by helping him/her to develop concepts, to expand vocabulary, and to develop strategies for more effectively reading nonfiction and content-area texts. Students learn essential skills and strategies including comprehension, decoding, composition, and study skills in the context of reading and writing. The writing program emphasizes the six traits.  Also, the rules of grammar, usage, and mechanics are introduced and reinforced.

We will be using Saxon Math 3 and discussing concepts and skills including computation, problem solving strategies, measurement, geometry, money, time, identifying patterns, fractions, graphs, and charts.

The curriculum provides an overview of geography, United States history and government, economics, and sociology.

The science program examines topics in Life science (plants, animals, and care of the human body), Physical science (relating to energy, forces, and matter), and Environmental science (Earth's land, cycles, and space).