PK-3rd: Students in these grades do not get written homework, but they are encouraged to practice verbally at home. 

4th: Due Tuesday the 23rd: p30 Month worksheet and practice La Macarena (performances on the 25th)

5th: study the South America map (test on the 25th)

6th:   Study for your pronoun chart quiz on the 25th AND work with your group on "Yo is I" song. Song video must be shared via Google Drive by lunch on the 25th.

Due the 18th: study pronouns and complete pronoun flower in your notebook or binder;   watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrLS5gaBaus for a review

7th & 8th: Due the 23rd: complete 3 different Quizlet activities for the Places set AND study "Ir" conjugations

Due the 18th: complete the 3 pages of vocabulary using Quizlet


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