Ms. Rosanne Imburgia, Teacher: 7th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Language Arts & Literature


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Each grade starts the year with poetry. 6th and 7th grades hone their creative writing skills with stricter poetry forms such as couplets, diamante poems, haiku, and acrostics. In 8th grade, we work on writing meaningful poetry in free verse.

6th grade: poetry, figurative language, how to write a strong paragraph, how to reference a text, comparing/contrasting texts, test prep

7th grade: poetry, sonnets, persuasive writing, referencing texts in a meaningful way, speech unit, 5 paragraph essays, test prep, intro to submitting electronic assignments

8th grade: poetry, memoir, short essay writing, Aspire* test prep, citations and plagiarism, science fair essay in APA format, annotating texts, 5 paragraph essays, speech unit, formal research paper in MLA format, multimedia presentations and submitting electronic assignments

Grammar lessons are integrated into each unit.


Literature in the Middle School makes use of the Prentice Hall program (Levels Copper, Bronze, and Silver.) Students' studies encompass vocabulary building, comprehension, and an understanding and appreciation of the many facets of literature. A literature anthology textbook as well as required literary novels are used. We will read novels as a whole class and students will work on self-chosen novels within Literature Circles after Christmas. Some popular choices include: Michael Vey, I Am Number Four, The Fifth Wave, and Uglies.


Students use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher during tech time to complete multimedia assignments. Students have accounts through Google Apps for Education to use Google Classroom, Drive, and Docs. Students also make use of Chromebooks during many of their core classes.

For Literature, students are expected to use technology to complete assignments for their Independent Reading Project. One of the aspects of the project is to create an infomercial, nightly news report, movie trailer.