Saint Alphonsus Liguori School is not just a building with students and teachers. Help us keep our school open.

Saint Alphonsus Liguori School is not just a building with students and teachers. We are not just an extension of our parish or the Archdiocese. We are an integral part of our parish. Our school is a home and a safe place. The hallways are full of joy, kindness, love, the Holy Spirit, and faith. Saint Alphonsus School is a family. We all pitch in for events. Everyone helps during a crisis. If a family needs help we all rally. In our school is a statue of St Francis. It stood on a shelf in the hallway since 1968 and is now in our school office. This was a statue made for a student of Saint Alphonsus by the parents and students as he was dying of cancer. For years as I walked down that hallway and saw St Francis, with the light from the window behind his head, I felt joy and peace. Sometimes it was snowing, or birds were flying, or storms were gathering, or it was brilliantly sunny. Each time I saw that statue I felt happy to be in our school. All of the students love the statue of St Francis. Sometimes if a student found something in the hallway, they would lay it at the feet of St Francis so the owner could find it. Our school, for me, is represented by this statue. We care for each other as he did. We accept all no matter the differences in faith or life choices, or nationalities. Our families hold each other up, and hold up our Parish. We love our students. Please help us stay open. Please give us the chance by registering your children this week. We must meet the February 8 deadline with all pledges sent in and the additional amount required sent in. A little faith, one step, will help us Chargeon for another fifty years. Love you all. ‪#‎chargeon‬ ‪#‎savestals‬ ‪#‎stalchargers‬