The goal posts have been changed. The finish line is just a little further. But we will win this race, get the extra point, score a goal....
We have been told to stay open we must have all pledges in the bank by FEBRUARY 8, instead of March 31 and the amount has been increased to $400,000. We already had raised over $330,000 and now have pledged $340,000. We will continue our efforts to meet these new demands. If you have pledged, we thank you from the bottom of our heart. Please consider helping us by sending your tax deductible CHECKS to Saint Alphonsus School, earmarked pledge drive, 411 Wheeling Rd, Prospect Heights, Il. 60070. Or visit the school or parish websites to pay by credit card through E Giving. All pledges are fully refundable in the unthinkable event that we do not succeed.

The second part of our amended challenge is to have all parents who committed their children for next year to complete the application for registration and pay the fee by Feb 8. We need 15 new students to register by that date. Tuition rates for next year have been published and all registration fees are refundable in the event we do not meet our goal.  We are excited to accept this challenge!

Thank you for your continued support and love!
#savestals #chargeon #stalchargers
The good news is if we meet these goals, the Archdiocese stated to all attendees of the meeting that we will be open. And if your pledges were based on a tax return or cashing in a fund that is not available by February 8, please provide some sort of documentation and it was stated that it will be included in the total. Thank you all. Everyone has given so much support in words, effort, funds, and you are loved.