February 17, 2019,

Dear St. Alphonsus School Parents,

Well, winter is seemingly telling us it still  likes wearing white! Hopefully we will have a lovely spring in a few weeks! As we begin to think about things for the 2019-2020 school year, I wish to thank those of you who have responded that you intend to return next school year.  We are thrilled that you will be returning!

Please know that there are some things that are not under the control of building principals. We are required to follow some Archdiocesan policies as well as formulating some of our own. We are a part of this parish and we are all a part of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

First, though we would love to give you all a definite starting date for next year, we do not yet have calendar information from the Office of Catholic Schools. We do know that we will have 180 days in our calendar. 180 days has been our rule of thumb for a number of years, so I anticipate  that students will return mid to late in the week of August 19th. We really appreciate your patience!

Secondly, it is really important that if you intend to return for the 2019-2020 school year, your registration fee must be paid in order for us to count you as enrolled. Please see the attached tuition and fee chart for next school year.  We have chosen to keep tuition increases to a minimum. There are also some other items in place that will feel a bit different than the past regarding tuition and financial assistance. If you have any questions about the following, please contact me directly.

  • All parents must sign a tuition agreement form for the 2019-2020 school year. We will continue to work with special circumstances throughout the year as we always have.

  • Father Joe has agreed to the recommendation of our School Advisory Council that we have only one rate of tuition. Therefore there will not be a parishioner and non-parishioner rate for 2019-2020.

  • All parents who wish to apply for any type of financial assistance should first apply to Empower Illinois and Big Shoulders. While we do not control who gets this funding or if sufficient funding will be available, it is a great funding source for you and for our school.

  • All parents must also apply for assistance on FACTS.  We will not be awarding any financial assistance to families who do not apply through FACTS. This is in fairness to all of our families.  Without applications in FACTS, it is very difficult to make fair decisions.

  • Lastly, Father Joe will also be involved in the discernment process for awarding locally funded assistance.

  • Tuition and Fee Schedule 

Thirdly, regarding Empower Illinois Scholarships we are blessed to have donations that are part of the matching program this year. While not all donations have come through yet, we know we  will have a good amount of funds tagged specifically for St. Alphonsus students. We also anticipate that Empower Illinois awards will be made much earlier this year than in the past.

This year, I will also be able to see your level of eligibility, though I cannot see the documents you sent to Empower Illinois as part of the application process. We do not yet have any information regarding applications to Big Shoulders. All of these changes are for the benefit of you, our parents.  We wish to serve as many families as we possibly can.

Thank  you for your commitment to St. Alphonsus!  May God bless you and your families!

Janice DiVincenzo


Hello St. Al's Parents,
You will be pleased to learn that Dr. Rigg, in consultation with other folks downtown and with lots of input from lots of people like me, has decided to make a ONE TIME concession to our school calendars. Students must be in session 178 days rather than the usual 180 days. 

The good news is that we will need to make up only two of the Emergency Days as of now.  Pray that the worst is over for this winter or that will have to change.  So, here are the ways in which we will make up those two days.

We will be in session on Friday, February 15th.  Monday, February 18th will be a day off for students. 

Also, we will be in session the Monday after Easter, which is April 22nd. The 23rd and 24th are Staff Development Days for teachers, so there is no school for students on the 23rd and 24th. 

This means our last day of school for students in grades 1-8 will be on June 7th, if no further Emergency Days are used. The last day of school for students in Preschool and Kindergarten is June 5.

For 2019-2020 the normal 180 days will be required. I am grateful for Dr. Rigg's decision for this year and for Dr. Quinn's quick approval of the make-up day proposal for St. Al's.  

Please contact me directly with any questions,


Janice DiVincenzo

St. Alphonsus Liguori, Principal






 Thank you so much to all who auditioned.  You were all fantastic and made the decisions very difficult!


Rafiki                      Linor Saquin-Saile

Ensemble                All students, Choir

Mufasa                    Emmet Suerth

Sarabi                     Maia Krier

Zazu                       Sami Sok

Scar                        Gaby Gross

Young Simba           Joseph Olugbemi

Simba                     Drew Netolicky

Lionesses                Jocelyn Teran, Molly Suerth, Jillian Franz,

                              Bella Boblick, Gabriella Olugbemi

Young Nala              Julia Bajorek

Nala                        Alexia Rachi

Sarafina                  Daria Gross

Banzai                    Anna Baroud

Shenzi                    Erika Punzalan

Ed                          Elle Bradford

Hyenas                   Dominik Paplinski (sidekick), Ryan Swann,            Ensemble

Timon                     Julia Kakish

Pumba                    Chloe Krier


Ensemble means all cast members. 



All Veterans and First Responders are invited.

Now that voting is finished, it is time to celebrate and thank those making our system of government and way of life possible. 

All Veterans and First Responders, whether friends, family members, neighbors, are invited to join the students of Saint Alphonsus Liguori School at Mass on Friday, November 9, 8:15 A.M.  Please arrive between 8 and 8:15 to line up in the Narthex.  Students will escort our honored guests through a sea of flags, and then be seated for Mass.  Our choir will sing patriotic songs and our 7th graders will be involved in the Mass for readings, petitions, and gifts.  There will be a small reception after for the adults in the meeting rooms sponsored by the PSA. 

This is a lovely heartwarming event.  We hope all families and friends can attend.  If you can, please email to RSVP, or just come that day!  We will love to have you there.


Please consider helping this family. This is a relative of a family in our school. A copy of this flyer is being sent home in your oldest child's folder. If you wish to enter, please return the flyer with your name, phone, and email written on the flyer along with payment. Checks payable to Saint Alphonsus Liguori School or cash can be sent to the school office in your child's folder. This is purely a voluntary request but your help is greatly appreciated. The last day to enter is on Halloween. Good luck and enjoy the Bulls game if you win!

Please consider helping this family. This is a relative of a family in our school. A copy of this flyer is being sent home in your oldest child's folder. If you wish to enter, please return the flyer with your name, phone, and email written on the flyer along with payment. Checks payable to Saint Alphonsus Liguori School or cash can be sent to the school office in your child's folder. This is purely a voluntary request but your help is greatly appreciated. The last day to enter is on Halloween. Good luck and enjoy the Bulls game if you win!


October, 2018

Boo! Don't be scared...Be involved!

October is very busy at St. Al's TCIA with 3 important events coming up:

Saturday, Oct 20, Corn Maze, 4-11pm (gr 7-12)

Fri/Sat, Oct 26/27, Holy Fire, 7:30am - 4pm (gr 6-9)

Saturday, Oct 27, M&M Mass, 5pm

It's fun and exciting to have so many different ways to build our faith community! Make sure you read below for more info/permission form links. Don't miss out and bring a friend!

Corn Maze Trip Join us next Saturday, Oct 20 for our most popular event: a trip to Richardson Farms in Spring Grove for the World's Largest Corn Maze. We will have a campfire, S'mores and lots to do! We depart at 4:15pm and return by 11:00pm. Use this link to get the permission form: Corn Maze

We still have room!

Fri or Sat, October 26 or 27, 8am - 4pm

Holy Fire! For Gr 6-9 only

Ever go to a Catholicpalooza? Well now is your chance! Holy Fire is a fun, energetic celebration of Faith with Rock bands and Rappers, Speakers and the Cardinal. Join over 3000 other teens at the UIC Pavilion for an amazing day. Because of a scholarship from the Heinz foundation we are able to offer this trip to your teen for only $15! You can find a permission form on our website: Holy Fire form. Drop it off with your payment to the school, RE office or parish office by Oct 19. Got a friend to bring? Print up an extra form.

Our first M&M Mass will take place on Saturday, October 27 at the 5:30pm liturgy. What's an M&M Mass? It's a Mass to celebrate the youth and teens in our parish, to empower them to bring their energy and life into our liturgy and to form them as future leaders of our Church. It is a regular Mass liturgy injected with fun and joy. We will have one per month and invite any teens who wish to be involved to respond to this email and let us know! School and RE students will be assigned roles in different months, but High School teens are needed too.

Come and find out what an M&M Mass is all about!

Want to follow Jesus? Start by "following" TCIA!

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Facebook: TCIA - Teen Catholics in Action YM

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Saint Alphonsus Liguori Parish and School joined on Sunday, July 22, with several other organizations to give back to the community.  We sponsored a pancake breakfast fundraiser for the victims of the devastating fire in Prospect Heights.   Over a hundred families lost everything!  Many organizations helped support this event including the fire/police department, the Lions Club, as well as other churches.  Thank you to everyone who came and gave so generously. Thousands of dollars were raised and one hundred percent of the donations are going directly to the fire victims.  As well, clothing and other items are pouring in!  Saint Alphonsus Liguori is proud and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community.



float 4th.png



Plan to arrive between 9:30 and 10:30 A.M.! 

The City of Prospect Heights Independence Day Parade will be on Wednesday, July 4th starting at 10:30 AM. The route will begin from the parking lot of St. Alphonsus Church and ends at the parking lot of Hebron Church. The parade will take off from the St. Alphonsus Church and head south on Wheeling Road. The parade will then continue west on Willow Road, where the parade will continue to Schoenbeck Road. The parade will then head northbound on Schoenbeck Road to the Hebron Church. Hot dogs and refreshments will be served at the end of the parade route – sponsored by the Hebron Church. After the parade, Mayor Helmer will officiate the fifth annual 4th of July Patriotic Bicycle Contest open to all kids. Call Karen at City Hall (847) 398-6070 ext. 251 for details.