Mrs. Linda Norak, Teacher

Mrs. Valerie Smith, Aide



 Saint Alphonsus Preschool advocates and supports the Christian values of caring, sharing, and loving. We promote a program that emphasizes strengthening the self-esteem of our little ones and respect for others. The Christian aspect of the program is visible daily with our simple prayers and songs. The children are introduced to the concepts of God creating them, loving them, and that they are important and unique.

Daily preschool activities center around weekly themes, for example, holiday celebrations, seasons, the five senses, dinosaurs, and healthy habits. These themes are emphasized in art activities, games, finger plays, group discussions, songs and stories.  Depending on the day of the week attending, students also attend weekly special classes including physical education, spanish, music, and art.

EXPLORERS: Our Three year old Program focuses on socialization in a creative play centered learning environment. The children practice a variety of small motor skills such as cutting, coloring, painting, and puzzle work.  Letter, number, color, shape, and name recognition are also introduced.

ADVENTURER: The Four year old Program continues the development of small motor skills and introduces Kindergarten readiness skills such as letter recognition and sounds, printing of first and last names using lower and upper case letters, patterns, and simple math concepts.

LITTLE CHARGERS: The Little Charger Program is a full-day, five days per week preschool program for 3 and 4 year old children. The full-day class schedule will allow for additional reinforcement and enrichment of the preschool curriculum. In addition, the full-day program will provide added time for weekly special classes involving participation in Science Experiments in the Science Lab, math using cooking skills, computer and IPad use, Library, and reading with older classes. 

Our Little Chargers have outdoor recess (weather permitting) and may participate in the hot lunch program. The Little Charger expanded preschool for 3 and 4 year olds began in Fall 2009. Students enrolled in the Full-Day Preschool may use the services of our Extended Day Childcare Program.

The Little Charger Program is well suited for:

  • Children who have “early birthdays” and may be among the older, more mature children in their class.

  • Children who have advanced language and beginning reading skills, or who have already had extensive preschool and daycare experiences.

  • Children who may have completed a traditional three day per week program, but may not yet be ready for a full-day kindergarten.

Working parents will appreciate the well supervised childcare arrangements available to students in the full-day preschool, as well as the smooth, seamless transition into all-day kindergarten and grades one through eight of our school.

Our large preschool classroom is equipped with a safe and secure entry, three bathrooms, and plenty of room for our children to explore and learn as they work on the many age-appropriate activities that are available.