Middle School Math Curriculum

ROOM 206 - Ms. Monika Klokocki


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6th Grade

6th Grade: 

Sadlier Math, a comprehensive core math program, provides a pedagogy that reflects the keystones of mathematical learning that empowers you to:

  • Foster students’ conceptual understanding and skill development with a cohesive grouping of lessons, explicit instruction, and guided and independent practice
  • Strengthen students’ metacognitive development and promote learning with abundant real-world problem solving and applications related to STEAM
  • Harness innovative support for teaching and learning with embedded professional development, robust digital tools, and a comprehensive assessment plan

Topics Include: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division Operations and Expressions, Numerical and Algebraic Expressions, One-Variable Equations and Inequalities, Factors and Multiples, Fraction and Decimals, Rational Numbers and the Coordinate Plane, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, Percents, Measurements, Two-Variable Relationships, Geometry: Area, Surface Area, and Volume, Measures of Center and Variation, and Data Displays

7th and 8th Grade:  PRE-ALGEBRA   (Sadlier-Oxford)

In alignment with the Common Core State Standards, the scope and sequence of Fundamentals of Algebra, Foundations of Algebra, and Algebra 1 is part of a comprehensive program aimed at preparing students for proficiency in the study of Algebra and future success in the study of Geometry. The lessons are organized into bite-sized, manageable lessons allowing for deeper understanding of skills and concepts, so students get the necessary skills for Algebra and beyond.

7th Grade - Fundamentals of Algebra:

• Focuses on conceptual development for all learners.
• Builds knowledge lesson by lesson and across grade levels with coherent lessons.
• Develops fluency and conceptual understanding in a multitude of ways.
• Deepens understanding with vocabulary, cognitive rigor, and higher-level thinking skills.

Chapters Include: Integers, Expressions and Equations, Inequalities, Rational Numbers: Decimals and Fractions, Ratio and Proportions, Percent and Consumer Applications, Data Analysis and Statistics, Two-Dimensional Geometry with Measurement Applications, Three-Dimensional Geometry, Probability, Patterns, Relations, and Functions, Polynomials, Equations, and Inequalities.

8th Grade - Foundations of Algebra:

This middle school core mathematics program prepares students for Algebra and higher-level math courses. In the two companion books, the SourceBook and Practice Book, you’ll find:

• Direct instruction with modeling of mathematics concepts so mathematics is accessible to all learners.
• Meaningful opportunities to implement the Standards for Mathematical Practice with guided and independent practice exercises and applications designed to ensure understanding.
• Three types of enrichment lessons—Acceleration, Expansion, and Extension—tailored to students’ levels.

Chapters Include: Rational Numbers, Real Numbers, Expressions and Equations, Inequalities, Polynomials and Factoring, Linear Functions and Inequalities, Ratio and Proportions, Percent Application, Two-Dimensional Geometry, Geometric Measures and Coordinate Geometry, Patterns and Nonlinear Functions, Three-Dimensional Geometry, Data Analysis and Statistics, Probability and Logic

Optional – Algebra 1: Typically implemented in 9th grade (High School)

Chapters Include: Basic Concepts of Algebra, Linear Equations and Inequalities, Relations and Functions, Linear Functions, Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities, Operations with Polynomials, Factoring Polynomials, Radical Expressions and Equations, Quadratic Functions and Equations, Ration, Proportion, and Trigonometry, Rational Expressions and Equations, Exponential and Other Nonlinear Functions, Data Analysis and Probability


The Staff

Miss Klokocki is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary and Middle Level Education, with a minor in Math & Science Concepts, which includes endorsements in all four core subjects, plus English as a Second Language(ESL). She is a native born Polish speaker. She welcomes any student to challenge and best her in Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trivia. This is her 4th year at St. Al's.