Middle School Math Curriculum

ROOM 108 - Mrs. Susan Loschiavo

The sixth grade program uses the Saxon Course 1 text. This program is both sequential and incremental in developing math concepts. Major strands include: relating math to real life situations; performing basic operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers; working with open equations; using estimation and mental math skills; developing math terminology and introducing algebraic and geometry concepts.

The seventh and eighth grade programs use the Glencoe Algebra 1 and Algebra 1 (2012) texts. The series is designed to prepare the students for middle school school mathematics. Major strands include: reviewing and reinforcing concepts taught in prior grades; translating word problems into equations; becoming familiar with calculator usage; developing algebraic concepts and methods; simplifying polynomials; identifying and using mathematical properties; graphing equations on the coordinate plane and simplifying expressions and equations.

Sixth grade Literature utilizes a variety of avenues in which the students explore the use of theme, setting, plot, symbolism, characterization, conflict, and resolution. Vocabulary is increased via written and verbal communication. The ultimate goal is to encompass and appreciate all avenues of the English language. A literature anthology textbook as well as required literary novels are used.