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Dear Parents and Guardians:

Good Morning!  I am sure our students are happily enjoying the wet but wonderful first days of summer vacation!  I am sending just a couple of reminders. 

  • The first day of school for 2018-19 is August 22.  Before school starts, I will need a copy of your child's updated immunization schedule.  These have to be updated every year.  If your child is going into 6th Grade, 2nd Grade, or Kindergarten, you must provide a dental examination before school starts.  All students should provide an eye examination also.  All new students to our school must provide an immunization schedule, dental exam, and eye exam no matter what grade they are entering. 
  • FACTS payments will be set up this week for the next year.  I will make all payments the same as last year unless you let me know by email otherwise or have already let me know.  The Book Fee, Technology Fee, and Fundraising Fee will be split and added into the monthly payments for all families unless you email me and let me know a date you want them to be paid.  All families must be registered on FACTS by June 15.
  • We will be in and out of the office this week, but beginning next week will be in the office Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday every week of the summer in the mornings.  Please feel free to stop by and drop off used uniforms, and visit the used uniform room for next year.  If anyone is bored and would like to volunteer to help organize the uniforms, let me know! 
  • Congratulations to our students who graduated on Saturday!  We are so very proud of them and will miss them as they move on to High School!  Parents of graduated 8th graders, you will drop off of the email blast list within a couple of weeks. 

Enjoy your summer!  I will be sending emails each week with updated information and news.  Please feel free to call or email-we will get back to you asap. 

Charge On! 

Saint Alphonsus is helping the environment by providing flyers and information online to our parents and students. 

If you would like your flyer or document included in our Home Folder, please attach the flyer in an email to  All forms must be in PDF format.