First Grade Curriculum

Room 104 - Ms. Michelle Kloda

Scripture, church doctrine, lives of the saints and people of faith, and Catholic rituals and celebrations are explored. Children also participate in daily prayer, planning of school liturgies and special feast day celebrations. Each Friday the children attend the 8:15 Mass.

The Harcourt series is a very comprehensive program that includes sharing literature, phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, recognition of high frequency words, reading, writing and grammar. Phonics is also taught using the Modern Curriculum Press series. Since independent reading is important, children are required to read 15-20 minutes each night, four nights a week.

The Saxon math program is the basis for Math in first grade. The daily lessons begin with a “ Morning Meeting” in which the children calculate the scoreboard, identify the date, count numbers, find patterns, examine the weather, and work with place value.  Later on in the day the math lessons include computation, problem solving strategies, measurement, geometry, counting money, time, identifying patterns, fractions, graphs and charts.

Using Houghton Mifflin’s School and Family, the following topics are covered: Where We Live, World of Work, Everything Changes, and Good Citizens. 

The science curriculum consists of units on life science discussing plants and animals, earth science, and physical science covering energy and forces. Various activities are also utilized to give the students “hands-on” experience when exploring these topics.