Mrs. Brett Seick, Teacher: 8th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Social Studies


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6th Grade is learning about Ancient India

7th Grade is learning about the Coloniation of North America

8th Grade is learning about the Civil War

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6th Grade Extra Credit Textbook Site:


7th Grade Extra Credit Textbook Site:


8th grade Extra Credit Textbook Site:

Worksheet available from teacher for each chapter.


Geography and early civilizations are introduced in grade 6; early U.S. history in grade 7; and the U.S. Constitution as well as later American history are the main areas of focus for grade 8.

Sixth grade social studies focuses on the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece and Rome. The incorporation of geography skills are used throughout the year. 

Seventh grade Social Studies focuses on early American history. The Native Americans, the Age of Exploration and Colonization, the American Revolution, and the early Republic are studied. An introduction to the United States government is included. Students participate in a trip to Springfield in alternating years. 

Eighth grade Social Studies examines both the United States and the Illinois Constitutions in depth. The program continues the seventh grade study of American history, concentrating on the period of the Civil War through the World Wars. Many of the Social Studies lessons are observed first hand as the students participate in the class field trip to Washington D.C. 

In all classes the use of the Promethean Board (a version of a Smart Board), iPads and Chrome Books are used on a regular basis.