Saint Alphonsus Liguori sports includes: Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Soccer

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  • VOLLEYBALL 4TH/5TH GRADE I feel like the season is starting to speed by! It's a pretty easy week for us, but the game Tuesday is an early one at 5pm at Holy Cross. The only other event this week is practice on Thursday after school. I am actually out of town this week from Monday night until Thursday night, so I am going to rely on my trusted backups! My husband Mark, who most of you know, will be filling in to co-coach on Tuesday night with Katy. Katy will be handling practice on Thursday. The girls can continue to work on underhand serving, bumping, and their new added skill of jumping to spike (they are excited about this!) Please make sure to reach out and coordinate carpools for Tuesday very soon if you need help. Holy Family is about 20 minutes from St Al's in normal traffic, but it may take a good 30 minutes in rush hour. Please arrive by 4:30pm to ensure the girls have enough time to practice and we can get settled. Next week (week 5) will consist of some home games in St Al's gym. We have the responsibility to set up, keep the score book, run the scoreboard, and run admissions/concessions during our games. The older girls play after us so they take the responsibility for clean-up. I will be sending a Sign-Up Genius link as soon as we have it ready and you can sign up for the job of your choice for all home games coming up. All positions still allow you to watch the game, and all are VERY SIMPLE. The score book and board are really quite easy once you learn them, and allow you to witness every play, which is really a great experience. Molly Principi will be there during our first home game to help teach the score book and the scoreboard positions, so please consider learning these functions! Admissions/Concessions are simple as well and we'll show you what to do.

  • We can't do all of this without our parent volunteers, so please make sure you take a role and help out.

    Have a great week!




    And I need you now tonight...and I need you more than ever...because we have two home games this week and I need volunteers...and without you it will take...forever! Not sure how Bonnie Tyler feels about this version of her song but what's she gonna do, fire me?

    As promised, here is the link to the SignUp Genius for Every of the Home Games:  
    I signed myself up for setup for the first two games to do the net and teach appropriate net setup because I'm apparently ~PiCkY~ about the net. Sorry, not sorry.

    Here's this week's schedule (and a preview for next week):

    Home Game Tue 18 Sept 7pm vs. St. Zach (arrive at 6:30 for real this time)

    Home Game Wed 19 Sept 8pm vs. St. Thomas Villanova (arrive at 7:30)

    Away Game Monday 24 Sept 6pm @ St. Thomas Villanova (arrive at 5:30)

    Home Game Tuesday 25 Sept 7pm vs. St. Hubert (arrive at 6:30)

    I'll be at the 5th Grade games on Tuesday and Wednesday teaching book/board. Come learn something new (or get a quick refresher if you're an old pro)!
    Nathalie Krier won the pun contest from last week. She is now my favorite. You can try to knock her out of the #1 spot by sending me a picture that seems normal until you look in the background and something weird is going on.
    Let me know if you have questions! Go Chargers!Go Chargers! 


    Our season schedule looks like this:

    Saint Viator Junior High XC Kickoff -- Saturday August 18 -- 4pm @ Saint Viator High School
    NWCC Meet 1 -- Monday August 27 -- 4:30pm @ Saint Alphonsus
    NWCC Meet 2 -- Tuesday September 4 -- 4:30pm @ Saint Colette
    NWCC Meet 3 -- Monday September 10 -- 4:30pm @ Willow Stream Park Buffalo Grove
    NWCC Meet 4 -- Monday September 17 -- 4:30pm @ location TBA
    NWCC Conference Finals -- Saturday September 22 -- 8:30am @ location TBA

    Our season ends on September 22.

  • Hey everyone -- 

    Well, we've made it -- it's the last week of the season!  Just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU -- parents make Saint Al's athletics possible, and your kids have been a credit to both their school and their family this season.  This has really been more fun than any XC season before it and I'm proud of all the kids, each of whom have taken strides this season.

    Up first is our fourth NWCC meet on Monday 17 September at Melas Park in Mount Prospect. Let's meet there before 4pm.  Races will be run in the following order:

    * Varsity Boys 4:30pm

    * Varsity Girls 5:00pm

    * JV Boys 5:30pm

    * JV Girls 5:45pm

    It sounds like it may be pretty warm again (mid 80s) for this one, so don't forget a water bottle!

    Our schedule for the upcoming week:

    * Monday September 17 -- NWCC MEET 4 -- 4:30pm @ Melas Park in Mount Prospect* Wednesday September 19 -- 5:30pm-6:30pm @ Saint Alphonsus
    * Thursday September 20 5:30pm-6:30pm @ Saint Alphonsus
    * Saturday September 22 -- NWCC FINALS -- 8:30am-12pm @ Melas Park
    I'll get you another email out before finals to explain events there, but we should 

    That's all for now! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for everything you do for Saint Al's! 


    Coach Mark


After the season ends:  If you wish to return the uniform now, please launder it and return it to the office in a bag marked with your athlete's name.  We'll take it from there.

If you have any other stray uniforms you may have laying around from previous seasons, this would also be a good time to send those in as well!

If your youngster is planning to run track in the spring, you can also opt to hold on to the uniform until then.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.  Again, thanks for everything you do for Saint Al's!


Mark Krier


The St Al's Athletic Department has started using Team App as a way to keep everyone on our teams connected by smartphone.  Many of you already use apps like Team App for traveling teams and so forth.  Apps can be really handy for things like cancelled practices and late updates about the team.

You can also download the app from the App Store or Google Play to sign up.  You create an account, verify it through a confirmation email, log in to the phone app, and you can search for 'Saint Al Chargers'.  Request access to that group and we'll approve you in.

Let me know if you have questions or problems!


Thanks for everything you do for Saint Al's!





Article from the daily Herald about 6th grade boys tournament! go chargers!

Athletic Board


Board Members:

Michelle Zalewski Athletic Director (

Tony Marchetti   Athletic Director (

Mark Krier Assistant Athletic Director

Michelle Zalewski Treasurer

Tony Marchetti School Board Liaison/Tournament Director

Ronnie McClellan Uniforms Manager

Greg Zalewski Concessions Manager

Nathalie and Mark Krier Schedulers

Rosemary Baroud and Mary Mayer Athletics Fundraising

Vacant 4th Grade Rep.

Valerie Smith 5th Grade Rep.

Jamie Marchetti 6th Grade Rep.

Adrianne Konrath 7th Grade Rep.

Ronnie McClellan 8th Grade Rep.

The St. Alphonsus Athletic Board meets 2 times per year. All participating grades have a representative on the Board.   If you would like an item placed on to the agenda, or have an item that you would like to bring to the board's attention, please contact one of our Athletic Directors at, or

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